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From Concept to Completion,
Trust HNB for Exceptional Results

From Concept to Completion,
Trust HNB for Exceptional Results

The Details


There was an existing building on-site but it wasn’t fit for purpose and didn’t fit the desired layout of the property owners. So, the current building was demolished, and we started from scratch with a bespoke new build project.


With all new build projects, it’s essential that the property is in keeping with the surrounding area. We used materials to make the house fit into its surroundings. We built the property to not only be aesthetically pleasing but also energy efficient.

With any project, but particularly with a new build, consistency is key, so ensuring that all project elements are in keeping with each other is highly important. Also, ensuring that your contractors have the right skill level will make sure your project is delivered to a high level.

Getting the steel framing correct for a new build is one of the most critical aspects. The structure of the building relies on the accuracy of the steel framing, so taking time to ensure this is 100% accurate is something we ensure we take our time over. Underfloor heating was incorporated in all rooms to ensure we created a cosy home for the owners.


When working with bespoke new builds, the outside of the property is as significant as the inside. To further enhance the property’s beautiful modern interior, we helped create a beautiful garden with spaces for dining and relaxing. We also built a vast, grand, sweeping driveway.

With bespoke new build projects, they are expected to have the ‘wow’ factor. This property has achieved this for all the right reasons.


If you’re looking to start a bespoke new build project, we would always advise getting an experienced building contractor on-board early on, so you get a better idea of pricing and project time. If you choose to work with HNB, we can recommend other third parties you may want to work with.  

The Details

Beechwood House was originally a house for multiple occupations. Because of its location near the hospital, it was home to mainly students and NHS workers. When it was purchased, the new owners originally wanted to convert it into seven apartments to rent privately.

However, whilst construction was underway, the trajectory was changed, and it was decided that the final result would be seven holiday apartments for short-term accommodation.  


A lot of construction work was involved in creating the luxury apartments of Beechwood House. An extra storey was added to the building, which meant we had to add steel support for the new floor and a temporary roof to protect the inside from the elements while the new floor was being added.

We also added three extensions to the back of the property to give the apartments more space and better layouts. Some of the apartments have multiple floors, so we constructed additional staircases where required.

Because Beechwood House is an old building, some internal structural works were to be done. We replaced some of the joists and added insulation to create a well-structured, cosy building for guests to enjoy.


When the project changed from residential apartments to holiday apartments, there were some changes we had to make for the building to fit the new purpose.

Lobby: The lobby had to expand for room for a welcome desk. It also needed to look welcoming for guests and give them space to sit.  

Staff Area: Because there would be staff present, we had to create a staff area with space for relaxing, making drinks, etc. We converted the basement into the staff area with a kitchenette and bathrooms.

Plumbing and Heating: Some plumbing and heating elements needed to be reworked along with the electrical components to ensure the standards were met for a commercial property.


This was one of our larger projects and took place over eighteen months. The end result is a beautiful apartment hotel in Oxford. Take a look at their website – why not book a stay?

The Details

This swimming pool was for one of our clients we had worked with the previous year. It’s always great to be invited back to see our clients again and discover how they have been enjoying the previous works we have done for them.


When we began work on this project, there was already a site for the pool. The previous owners of the property had started the development, but it was never finished. This gave us a framework to begin with.

We finished digging the pool and built the brick and flint boundary of the pool to be in keeping with the existing buildings and paving areas.


For this project, we worked in collaboration with Clear Water Revival. They have spent over a decade developing the most advanced natural swimming pools which are chemical free. This makes them kinder to the environment and better for you and your family’s health.

Natural, chemical-free pools are becoming popular as they have lower running costs and require less maintenance than a typical chemical pool. There are also options to include plants to give your swimming pool a modern twist.


We also constructed the pool’s surrounding area as part of this project. This included hard landscaping, creating a decking area and boundary walls.

We also built a pool house, including a changing room, an indoor and outdoor shower, and a W.C. It also housed the pool plant.

Altogether this project created a fantastic outdoor living space for the family to enjoy. The decking area is perfect for hosting dinners and entertaining, whilst the pool brings an element of fun and enjoyment.

The Details


To give the family more space for guests to visit, HNB were contracted to convert their empty barn into beautiful living quarters for their staff. This would give everyone more privacy and make better use of the space.


For the barn conversion, we created a beautiful, cosy, and functional space for the staff. We added internal walls to the barn to create the desired layout, along with insulation to help to create a unique and calm space for the staff to relax and unwind in.

As with many of our country house estate projects, the views are spectacular, and the air is so clean and fresh. Because of this, creating light and airy rooms is a must. In the new staff area of the converted barn, we incorporated large floor-to-ceiling windows. These large windows are featured in both downstairs and upstairs rooms, highlighting the impressive views and embracing natural light.


The project was started just before lockdown. However, because of the nature of the work and the fact that it was predominantly outdoor work, we were still able to continue with minimal disruption. This means that the overall project, including delays, was completed in a little over eight months. We finished this project ahead of programme, which was great for everyone involved. Our client was thrilled and has been able to make the most of their new space in recent years.

The Details


Although breathtaking, this home had elements that were no longer fit for purpose, which the family felt could benefit from refurbishing. The first was the conservatory; although it looked lovely, it was not functional enough for the family. With the great British weather, they found it was too hot in the summer and too cold in the winter, so they rarely got any use out of it. The second was the kitchen, which was too small relative to the size of the house.

We demolished the conservatory along with the side walls of the kitchen and built a brand new, open-plan kitchen dining area to maximise and modernise the space. This space is perfect for entertaining and has quickly become the heart of the home.

We also built a pantry, Utility Room, storage area, and a secondary entrance from the driveway with shoe and coat storage.


We also carried out some work within the house. This included general refurbishments and modernising. Unlike the kitchen refurbishment, the rest of the house didn’t require any structural changes, so the alterations were very straightforward.


Whilst we were working on other areas of the project, the client also asked us to incorporate the detached annexe. The existing state of the annexe meant it was unusable; there was no heating and poor insulation. We worked on refurbishing this building, giving the family another area to include in their home.

Our client stated, “I feel that we’ve brought the house into the 21st century – finally, which is something that was long overdue.”

The Details


One of the main drivers for this extension was the requirement for more privacy for the residents of the country house estate and the growing estate staff team. The barn extension provided a private space for the staff to relax and gave the residents extra space and privacy within the main house.


Although the project started primarily as a barn extension, whilst on the project, our clients asked if we could move into the house to help them make better use of their new space. We created two unique spaces for them: a Sauna for the ultimate way to relax and a cinema room for entertaining family and friends.  


Our work with our client continued to grow as we were then asked to create an area for the landscaping team’s vehicles. We built a carport for six vehicles to keep them covered and protected from the elements.


This was yet another one of our projects, which was completed on time – within about five months – and within budget for our happy clients.   

What is a Listed Building?

A listed building is a building with special protection from demolition. They usually have a historic or architectural interest which makes them special and therefore protected.

Listed buildings come in 3 types or Grades;

  • Grade 1 Listed Buildings are the most exceptional and therefore the rarest. Of all the listed building in the UK only 2.5% are grade 1 listed.
  • Grade 2 Listed Buildings are still of exceptional importance but not quite as important as grade 1. They account for roughly 5.5% of listed buildings within the UK
  • Grade 3 Listed Buildings are the most common type of listed building. They are of special interest due to an architectural or historic reason. Grade 3 listed buildings account for the biggest percentage of listed buildings within the UK at around 92%.

Within the UK there are around 500,000 listed buildings. They come in all shapes and sizes, from castles to cottages, from grand, stand-alone properties to a row of terraced houses and everything in between.

Renovating a Listed Building – why?

Often people wonder why listed buildings are renovated. There are many reasons why;

Safety – listed buildings can sometimes become unsafe. Renovating them makes them more structurally sound and therefore safer to enter.

Keeping them open – some listed buildings are available for public to visit. Renovating them keeps them open to the public so they can continue to be appreciated.

Making them liveable – some people choose to live in a listed building. This would be near impossible without renovating some or all areas.

Energy efficiency – many listed buildings are very old and therefore not very efficient when it comes to heating. Renovating can help improve this.

Update and upgrade – some listed buildings require renovations to keep them updated in general. Depending on what the building is being used for, a simple refresh is sometimes all that is required.

Renovate your Listing Building to Make the Most out of your Space

At HNB Construction, renovating listing buildings is our speciality. We know the Dos and Don’ts of renovating a property and always send the best most experienced team when working on this type of project.

Because we work on an extensive number of listed buildings, we can often advise on what materials to use and what works you might like to include to make the most of your space.

Of course, each building has it’s own rules and so not all of the following may be possible for all listed buildings.

Types of Renovations for Listed Buildings

Kitchen Renovations – listed buildings often have grand kitchens which can be a great space for entertaining. We can renovate spaces to make them perfect for families or create a space for entertaining friends.

Conversions – it could be that you want to grow your space without increasing your footprint. For this we have extensive experience in conversions; this could involve garages, out houses or even lofts. This is a great way to maximise your space.

Extensions – if you’re got enough space for an extension or an annexe then this could be the perfect way to expand and make the most out of your space. Of course, for something like this planning permission would be required.

Raising ceilings and opening windows – we find with listed buildings there can sometimes be a lack of light coming into the property, making it seem dark and less homely. By raising ceilings and enlarging windows we can open up the room creating a bigger airier space for everyone to enjoy.

Creating a better layout – we’ve being to listed buildings where the layout hasn’t quite met the standards of what residents are after. This often happens with old buildings as everyone tries to leave their mark behind. Reworking a layout can maximise the space and make the rooms flow better. This could involve moving doors, removing walls and adding walls and partitions.

Renovating a Listed Building with HNB Construction

At HNB Construction, we have a wealth of experience when it comes to listed buildings. Having worked in the industry for years, we have built a team with extensive knowledge and the skill set required to create beautiful spaces in beautiful buildings.

If you’re looking to start your renovation project, give us a call today.

The Details


In addition to the work at the front of the church, to extend the cafe we also added an extension to the back of the church, which again tied in with both the original building and the later 1960s extension. To ensure that this would be a functional and welcoming space for the congregation and the community we updated the facilities including new unisex and accessible toilets, as well as a brand-new commercial kitchen.

Inside the church itself, we did some light touch repair work while we were there.


Anthony Nicholls, Director at HNB Construction Services Ltd, commented “This 30-week programme was designed to limit the amount of time the church had to be closed to parishioners. The nature of the work meant we needed to ensure there are clear exit points for church visitors and we did our very best to limit disruption.

“Luckily, we were engaged early in the project by the church, so we were able to support them in value engineering (saving money) from the early stages. We worked closely with the church representatives, the Methodist Church UK and Kelvin Sampson, Director at Leap Architects, to refine the design and bring the costs of the project in line with the available budget.”

The Details


The owner of the building loved to cook and bake for her family, so a plan was agreed to restore the kitchen to the heart of the home. Keeping within the original footprint we removed internal walls and replaced the old extension to make a large and well-lit kitchen that flowed into a dining room and onto the large conservatory.

This meant that while cooking in the kitchen, the owner could comfortably host friends and family – allowing her to do the two things she loved. We also looked at storage and practical rooms that had been previously missing – like a walk-in larder, a ground floor bathroom and a cloak/boot room where dogs, coats and wellies could dry off.


By making a change to the way the support steels had been originally covered we were able to raise ceiling heights, adding to the sense of space and light on the ground floor, and we softened the coverings on the existing beams to make them far less obtrusive.


The front door was moved to open into a welcoming hallway rather onto a staircase and every bedroom and bathroom was refurbished with other general improvements throughout the house, in keeping with the work on the ground floor.

Outside, we converted a garage and store into a self-contained guest cottage as well as converting the old pool house into secure external storage.

Finally, now the owner had a beautiful home to entertain and show-off her baking skills we hard landscaped the grounds so they complemented the main house and completed this renovation.

The Details


This beautiful red brick house in the heart of Buckinghamshire had been the family home for over 30 years and so moving wasn’t an option. We worked with the client to understand what they needed and helped them decide on the best changes to the house and garden so they would have the space to welcome home their children’s families without having to live on top of each other.

When we started work on this project the house itself looked quite dated because all refurbishment work had been postponed. The owners had had these grand plans in mind for several years, giving them time to really think about what they wanted and build an exact picture of how they wanted the house to look once completed.


HNB worked with the family from very early on in the project to identify where more provision could be made for visiting families, what would be the most efficient use of the existing space and where to allocate budget for extensions, conversions and new builds.

The result was that we adapted the entire roof to extend their living space into the loft and create a second floor for the property with additional bedrooms and a bathroom.

The result included this stunning floor to ceiling apex window that looked out onto the gardens, and provided adequate space, effectively a whole floor, for families to stay.

The existing double garage was also converted into a self-contained annexe for guests and family members. We then built a new triple bay detached garage to the side of the house to accommodate the family’s vehicles.

We paid special attention to the overall design and finish of the build to ensure it was as contemporary as the owners wanted and incorporated all the elements they had looked forward to for years. To help create that clean minimalist look we dug down throughout the ground floor to allow for a beautiful polished concrete floor to be laid throughout.


The gardens and grounds also needed significant hard and soft landscaping to create outdoor eating and sitting areas, as well as a large lawn for games of football and even tennis. The new garden and grounds scheme, designed to keep the children in site of the adults while they played on the lawn, works very well with the renovated house and new garage.

Understanding how you’ll use the space is key
With our expertise, we were able to realise their dream of a house that could accommodate extended stays from all their children and grandchildren. By asking the right questions from the very start of the project we were able to help design a home that enabled the family to come together and be together effortlessly.

The owners now enjoy summers and holidays with their families without feeling over crowded in their home and the children and grandchildren love coming to stay, to play on the lawn, eat on the patio or watch the world go by from the feature gable window.


HNB works in partnership with clients looking not only for a builder, but for trusted advice, support, efficiency and a superior service.

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Our team are specialises in crafting bespoke new build projects tailored to your unique vision.



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What our clients have to say

“I have worked with HNB on several large commercial projects and they’re my first choice for this ambitious project”

New build client

“HNB carried out seamless restoration work to the brick facade of our listed 18th-century cottage, along with garden terrace repointing and retaining wall repairs. We find them considerate, professional and thorough, with an emphasis on doing a job properly to a high standard. Works were completed to time and on budget. It’s unusual to find a firm willing to take on all the small and diverse demands of an historic property”


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