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Beechwood House
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Beechwood House


Beechwood House is now a family-run, beautiful apartment hotel for people to stay when visiting Oxford. We were able to renovate and build this fabulous boutique hotel-style accommodation by working in collaboration with the new owners.





The Details

Beechwood House was originally a house for multiple occupations. Because of its location near the hospital, it was home to mainly students and NHS workers. When it was purchased, the new owners originally wanted to convert it into seven apartments to rent privately.

However, whilst construction was underway, the trajectory was changed, and it was decided that the final result would be seven holiday apartments for short-term accommodation.  


A lot of construction work was involved in creating the luxury apartments of Beechwood House. An extra storey was added to the building, which meant we had to add steel support for the new floor and a temporary roof to protect the inside from the elements while the new floor was being added.

We also added three extensions to the back of the property to give the apartments more space and better layouts. Some of the apartments have multiple floors, so we constructed additional staircases where required.

Because Beechwood House is an old building, some internal structural works were to be done. We replaced some of the joists and added insulation to create a well-structured, cosy building for guests to enjoy.


When the project changed from residential apartments to holiday apartments, there were some changes we had to make for the building to fit the new purpose.

Lobby: The lobby had to expand for room for a welcome desk. It also needed to look welcoming for guests and give them space to sit.  

Staff Area: Because there would be staff present, we had to create a staff area with space for relaxing, making drinks, etc. We converted the basement into the staff area with a kitchenette and bathrooms.

Plumbing and Heating: Some plumbing and heating elements needed to be reworked along with the electrical components to ensure the standards were met for a commercial property.


This was one of our larger projects and took place over eighteen months. The end result is a beautiful apartment hotel in Oxford. Take a look at their website – why not book a stay?

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