of a Family Home

Family Home Refurbishment


This project was all about transforming an existing family home into one that could accommodate new generations and the growing families of the owner’s children. They wanted to be able to host weekends and holidays for their children and their children’s children in the home they’d grown up in.





The Details


This beautiful red brick house in the heart of Buckinghamshire had been the family home for over 30 years and so moving wasn’t an option. We worked with the client to understand what they needed and helped them decide on the best changes to the house and garden so they would have the space to welcome home their children’s families without having to live on top of each other.

When we started work on this project the house itself looked quite dated because all refurbishment work had been postponed. The owners had had these grand plans in mind for several years, giving them time to really think about what they wanted and build an exact picture of how they wanted the house to look once completed.


HNB worked with the family from very early on in the project to identify where more provision could be made for visiting families, what would be the most efficient use of the existing space and where to allocate budget for extensions, conversions and new builds.

The result was that we adapted the entire roof to extend their living space into the loft and create a second floor for the property with additional bedrooms and a bathroom.

The result included this stunning floor to ceiling apex window that looked out onto the gardens, and provided adequate space, effectively a whole floor, for families to stay.

The existing double garage was also converted into a self-contained annexe for guests and family members. We then built a new triple bay detached garage to the side of the house to accommodate the family’s vehicles.

We paid special attention to the overall design and finish of the build to ensure it was as contemporary as the owners wanted and incorporated all the elements they had looked forward to for years. To help create that clean minimalist look we dug down throughout the ground floor to allow for a beautiful polished concrete floor to be laid throughout.


The gardens and grounds also needed significant hard and soft landscaping to create outdoor eating and sitting areas, as well as a large lawn for games of football and even tennis. The new garden and grounds scheme, designed to keep the children in site of the adults while they played on the lawn, works very well with the renovated house and new garage.

Understanding how you’ll use the space is key
With our expertise, we were able to realise their dream of a house that could accommodate extended stays from all their children and grandchildren. By asking the right questions from the very start of the project we were able to help design a home that enabled the family to come together and be together effortlessly.

The owners now enjoy summers and holidays with their families without feeling over crowded in their home and the children and grandchildren love coming to stay, to play on the lawn, eat on the patio or watch the world go by from the feature gable window.

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