HNB Ranked #1 in the Construction and Engineering Sector in the UK

At HNB, we are thrilled to announce that we have been included in the 2024 #FT1000 list!

We are so proud of our team and their hard work towards receiving this fantastic recognition.

HNB and the #FT1000 List 

The #FT1000 or Financial Times 1000 list recognises and ranks businesses by growth and revenue over the past three years. For 2024, HNB has been ranked as

  • #1 Construction and engineering Sector in the UK
  • #8 Construction and Engineering Sector in Europe  
  • #18 Organisation across all sectors in the UK
  • #102 Organisation across all sectors in Europe

To be ranked as the number one organisation in the construction engineering sector in the UK is an astounding achievement. This shows how far we have grown over the recent years. To then go on and be ranked as the 8th fastest construction and engineering company for growth across the whole of Europe is even more incredible.

About the #FT1000 List 

The #FT1000 list is an annual ranking compiled by the Financial Times in partnership with Statista. The list showcases the fastest-growing companies in Europe and the UK, highlighting those that have achieved remarkable revenue growth.

To compile the #FT1000 list, companies across Europe are evaluated based on their compound annual growth rate in revenue over the past three years.

Being included in the #FT1000 list is a fantastic testament to the resilience and hard work the team have put in over the past three years. It is a considerable achievement to have been included in this list at all, let alone three times!

Find out more about the FT#1000 and see the full list of included organisations.

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