HNB Construction Ltd has extensive experience with listed building renovations, conversions and extensions

We know that the key to the successful renovation and/or extension to a listed building is care for the building and attention to detail. Because of this HNB ensure that they send the right site manager and team, including all sub-contractors, to the project. This level of care to ensure teams have the right experience is the key to our success with renovation and listed projects.

Unearthing hidden surprises

Communication is also key to these kinds of projects. We work closely with the architects, structural engineers, conservation officers and the client as the nature of historic buildings means surprises are unearthed and ongoing communication is essential to overcome any unforeseen challenges. Clients are also usually very involved and quite often have become experts in their building and its issues. We value our client’s knowledge of the building and try to understand and deliver their vision even down to the reuse of the original or historical ironmongery where necessary. Again, communication is key, and we are open and willing to learn and co-operate with experts on every project for the best results and this learning continues to strengthen our knowledge and experience.

Matching existing features

Our site teams will always go that extra mile to try to match existing features; sourcing the right materials and even having a working knowledge of what the local reclamation yards have. Such is their experience with listed buildings they are used to finding what they need to keep the renovation or extension in keeping with the original.

HNB have extensive experience in marrying old with new. Many listed buildings are too small for modern homes or have been mills or barns and need modern extensions to provide adequate living space. We can build contemporary extensions including basements alongside the refurbishment of a historical or listed building to give the client the mix of old and new they desire.

HNB carried out seamless restoration work to the brick facade of our listed 18th-century cottage, along with garden terrace repointing and retaining wall repairs. We find them considerate, professional and thorough, with an emphasis on doing a job properly to a high standard. Works were completed to time and on budget. It’s unusual to find a firm willing to take on all the small and diverse demands of an historic property – Simon

Church works

Early engagement alongside the architect, structural engineers and any heritage consultant is especially important with church works, repairs or refurbishments. In this way we can mitigate risk and value-engineer the project in the preliminary stages to ensure the project has a greater chance of running smoothly and minimising disruption.

We understand churches will want to keep welcoming their congregations throughout any building works and tailor programmes with phased works access to allow this. This programming allows us to tackle the priories and major works first, protecting the budget for any nice-to-haves.

With any listed building there may be original elements that need protecting. In churches this is commonly the font, organs and the glass windows. In any historical project we are sympathetic to the environment, prioritising protection and budgeting for it to adequately save the client the heartache of any repairs or the frustration of extensive cleaning.

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