Project Description

Buckinghamshire Basement


This Buckinghamshire home is owned by a family who wanted to increase their living space, add new features such as a cinema room and refurbish the existing bathrooms and living room. The family were able to remain living in their home throughout the extensions and renovations because HNB Construction Services Ltd are always sensitive to our client’s needs. Elements like large plant machinery and muck-away lorries were carefully planned around the family’s schedule.

The project included adding an extension to the side of the house and large basement extension to the full area of the ground floor extension, more than doubling the existing living space in the home. The basement included a cinema room and bar with AV fitted throughout. The bar and several other statement features, such as the bookcase were designed and built by HNB and bespoke to the project.

Externally, we re-landscaped the grounds to suit the new extension including a 30m long and 2.4m high retaining wall and patios for the family to enjoy.