Project Description

Lower Mill

Architects: McLaren.Excell

Lower Mill is an 18th Century former water mill in Kingstone Winslow. The client’s wanted the mill renovated and refurbished to create a contemporary weekend retreat hidden in this fascinating 200-year-old building. The clients had a very clear idea of what they wanted and had completed a lot of research because the building was listed. We added a small extension to the rear of the property to create additional residential space and were careful to make this extension as in keeping with the original building as possible, sourcing the appropriate materials from local reclamation yards.

Contemporary finishes amongst original features

The successful mix of contemporary design with original features was achieved by working closely with the clients and designers. The building has polished concrete floors throughout, clad steel finishes on the stairs, balustrades and internal doors. We used pocket and pivot doors that folded into finished concrete walls to add to the contemporary feel and although the bathrooms and kitchens were modern in design, they included references such as the tiling and partition walls, to the original building.

To keep a real sense of the original building, original brick work, stonework, timbers, steels and even old cogs were left exposed where possible. The kitchen contained some large cogs which were an original feature of the water that still ran through the building. We celebrated the history of the building by retaining this original detail whilst managing the challenge of the water itself, resulting in a stunning design feature.

Lower Mill is a real example of our expertise in projects that are full of historical character and challenges but that need to meet the contemporary needs and aesthetics of clients.