Project Description

Extensions and refurbishment at Marlow Methodist Church

HNB Construction has recently completed works on the Methodist Church in Marlow. The main objective was to provide a new extension for the coffee shop, in keeping with the original features of the church. However, to make better use of the existing space, some internal works were also completed, which enabled the church’s different groups to run activities at the same time and avoid spilling over into the hall.

In addition to the work at the front of the church, HNB added an extension to the back of the church that tied in with both the original building and the later 1960s extension. The existing facilities were also updated with new unisex and accessible toilets, as well as a brand-new commercial kitchen.

Inside the church itself, some light touch repair work was completed.

Anthony Nicholls, Director at HNB Construction Services Ltd, commented “This 30-week programme was designed to limit the amount of time the church had to be closed to parishioners. The nature of the work meant we needed to ensure there are clear exit points for church visitors and we did our very best to limit disruption.

“Luckily, we were engaged early in the project by the church, so we were able to support them in value engineering the project from the early stages. We worked closely with the church representatives, the Methodist Church UK and Kelvin Sampson, Director at Leap Architects, to refine the design and bring the costs of the project in line with the available budget.”

Now COVID restrictions are being lifted, the Church can now welcome parishioners and café patrons alike to their new improved premises.

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